From the first time I met Melanie and Cerena on a sales call in my office they told me they were confident that the service they would deliver would be superior to all other janitorial companies. I had heard the same line from many other janitorial companies during my 25 years in the real estate industry and my first thought was that although they were confident and enthusiastic they were just like all the others. After several persistent follow-up calls and meetings from Melanie & Cerena we awarded them their first contract and did a fantastic job just as they said they would the first time I met them. Since they took over their first property with us, we have awarded Cleaning up 4 additional buildings and they have performed consistently and have been accountable in their day to day operations. Tower Properties strives to provide our tenants with first class quality service in everything we do and our company motto is “Everything Matters”. Having partners like Melanie and Cerena working on our properties enables Tower Properties to deliver on quality janitorial services to our tenants.

Chris Erdley, Vice President
Tower Properties